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09 Nov 15


New web site underway
Work is underway on our new look web site. The current site has been in operation for many years and is now very tired looking. There have been many personal distractions preventing upgrade earlier but now concentrated effort aims to update site before end of year. Postings will continue on this site until changeover.

Stream restarted
After more than 13 months of construction work on his house starting in June 2014 Dave M0SAT was finally able to install the 10GHZ ATV receiver and get the GB3BH stream goign once more. The stream will run 24/7 as before. Please feel free to leave feedback and comments on the message section of the stream. Many thanks to all our remote viewers for their patience during the downtime.

70cm Receive
The 70cm digital ATV input is working properly.
Frequency: 437.00
Symbol Rate: 2.0 MS/s
FEC Ratio: 3/4
RF Bandwidth 2 MHz approx.
Antenna: Omni directional, Horizontal Polarization, 600ft ASL.
Sensing: Automatic, 2nd priority.

This 70cm receiver is overloaded and does not receive any input if the GB3HR voice repeater is active.
This is due to the closeness of GB3HR to GB3BH, HR overloads the BH receiver.
This can also be caused by nearby 70cm simplex contacts.
We have the best bandpass filter that we can get on the input but the frequencies are just too close.

Please note the frequency and FEC have changed since original posting.

(current Nov 2015)